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We are Finalists in Contest!

The Counts Crypt was named one of the 15 first round finalist in the Home Haunters Associations Home Haun of the Year Contest.  !5 home haunts were selected from the 64 home haunts the entered this years contest.  We are very proud just to have entered but to be 1 of 15 finalists is a huge honor.  We will post the final results as they come in


Brenden Wins 1st place at Lazy River

Brenden won 1st place in the 2010 Haunt your camp Site contest.  Brenden did a great job of mobilizing the Counts Crypt to set up a wicked walk thru haunt. He featured his graveyard, and a enclosed walk thru that was the home to many static and animatronic props.  He won a gift card to Meijers for his efforts and got to scare some peeps in Granville. Nice job Brenden! 


Brenden Wins 2nd Place 2008

A huge BOORAH  goes out to Brenden who won 2nd place in the annual Lazy River Campground's haunted site and best decorations contest.  Brenden had a TON of  great displays he was up against.  Brenden decorated the entire haunt by himself using his vision of a bloody butchershop to create a stunning visual and audio display.  We, at Harry Scarys, are so proud of Brenden and will bet he will continue to be a force to beat at the Lazy River!.

Proud winner of 2008 Halloween Heaven Award! Way COOL!


Another Award for the "Crypt" 2008/2009


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