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The projects on this page are  provided for information only.  The counts crypt, Harry Siebert, Harry Scarys or anyone affiliated with The Counts Crypt will not be held liable or responsible for any injury, accidents or financial loss due to any party building, altering, or sharing the info on this projects page.  All props we build are tested many times before being placed in a working situation.  Use common sense when working with air pressure, hot soldering irons, and cutting devices. Enjoy the info...we hope it is helpful to you.  By all means practice saftey and test any prop multiple times before placing it in public locations.  By looking at any of these projects, you acknowlage that the counts crypt will not be held responible for anything you build.

Axe murderer pneumatic  assylum door prop

 Our Axe Murder prop.  Made with the Awesome video from Hi Rez designs.( )  it is complete with a DTMF tone channel in the audio track that controls the axe hits.  A special DTMF signaling relay controler from is needed to control everything except the video triggering.


comming soon.  Props

pneumatic barrel popper

Barfing barrel popper

pneumatic coffin sitter

FCG on a track

peppers ghost

8 foot tall scare crow pneumatic prop

large dry ice fog machine

coffin build

sign build

Facade build

Easy wall panel system

building a off-on infra red trigger box

Dougie hack with Foam pumpkin


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