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The Counts Crypt is your number one choice for custom, one of a kind animatronics, props, and masks for the Haunted Attraction, Blacklight Attraction, and Theatrical Industries.  Our in house attraction design and construction team can bring new life into your existing attraction at a cost that wont break your annual budget.  If a new attraction is what you have in mind, we can handle every aspect from concept to opening night.  The Counts Crypt team has over 75 years of combined team experience in running successful Haunted, Blacklight, and Escape Room Attractions.  We have designed and built small animatronics to massive pneumatic monsters.  We have filled 40000 sqft rooms with amazingly detailed sets and facades.  We have taught classes on Spfx make up, set design, and actor training at conventions across the United States.  We will not disappoint 

Year 5 at ScareAtorium


This Year Harry is Construction and Props Manager, Operational Manager and Trainer.  Hanna and Katie are Make up artists and you will find all of us scaring your pants off in either The Northland Asylum, or RIPS 3D Funhouse.  We also have 4- 3 minute escape room attractions called RIPS boxcar, Cutthroat Cabin, LynCon Laboratory and 13 Coffin Maze. We have joined forces with 13 Floor Entertaiment.  A lot of changes have happened!  There are amazing scenes and there are some amazing actors here, so be prepared to be scared!


Transworld Halloween and Attractions trade show 2015

I had the opportunity to represent the ScareAtorium at Transworld this year.  I met a lot of great industry leaders and some of the best haunt based artists, marketing experts, and expert instructors in the business.  We learned a lot of ideas to move ScareAtorium to another level.  I have increased my contribution to the ScareAtorium team and I am so excited to bring my ideas and skills to the table.  Our prop shop at The Counts Crypt has been very busy designing new props and animatronics that will include a 3d blacklight electric chair clown prop.  He promises to be our toughest build with all aspects, from welding to sculpting, being done totally in house!  We are moving in great directions.  Stay Tuned!

Year 2 at ScareAtorium is bigger and better! 2014

The Counts Crypt crew is excited to be working at the ScareAtorium again this year, and what a year it looks like it will be.   Harry Siebert, owner of The Counts Crypt, helped many in upgrading and detailing the entire haunted attraction, bringing the level of realism to new heights.   We also built and installed a few new props in the 2 attractions at ScareAtorium, The Northland Asylum and RIP Stinkers 3D Funhouse are 2 amazing haunted attractions under one roof.  We know you will miss the rain, but everything at ScareAtorium is under roof and most of it is inside a climate controlled building.  This means no rain outs or wind damaged scenes.  The owners, Kelly and Neena Collins, put on a class act show for the family.  We WILL scare you.  we WONT terrorize you.  They spare no expense, making sure that your darkest fears will be faced around every corner.  visit for showtimes and to purchase tickets.  We all hope to see you there.   ScareAtorium.............your fear is here!

Member of ScareAtorium Haunt Family

For the 2013 season The Counts Crypt family went to work at ScareAtorium.  With weather being what it is in Central Ohio and it costs more than I have to start my own pro haunt, The Crypt crew decided to not open this year.  Luckily we were blessed to meet our favorite nurse Bobbi Jo and were invited to be a part of the fun at ScareAtorium.  The Crew included Harry, Katie, Tammy, Hanna, Brenden, Helena, Mark, and Seth.  The Youngsters Worked as inmates of the Asylums childrens ward.  Although Harry worked at both the funhouse and asylum, He preferred working with Tammy in the Jack in the Box room in RIPs Funhouse.  Mark also spent his 2013 season as a killer clown in RIPs.  The ScareAtorium opened up the 2013 season in a new, long term location in the Nortland Plaza Shopping Center.  The new 40,000 sqft location features the re birth Of The Northland Asylum, RIP Stinkers Funhouse, Make up Room, Party room, and a retail shop for make up, Tee shirts, and other relayed items.  It is our current intention to continue our fun at ScareAtorium For as long as we can.  We had so much fun with them that it will be hard to ever leave.  We may still do a home haunt in the future for one might a year. As for now we are better off spending our wet Octobers in the dry, relatively warm, kick ass fun environment of the ScareAtorium!

New production Zombie head for masks and props

 we can paint to match your needs.  Masks are thick durable latex and prop heads are filled with 3lb dense foam.

The Counts Crypt has been very busy in the shop

  in black light.

This is our first production prop head.  We call it "Fire within Horned Demon".  We plan on selling this on E-bay in the very near future. ( as of 4-19-13).  It will be available in custom colors to match your needs.  Mustache is an option I am removing from my own copy.  It is available in a foam filled prop head or cut to use as a mask.  Heavy Latex


Other sculpts available for casting SOON!

This mold Sculpt was lost during casting.      This Bat like creature is blocked out here.

I hope to re-sculpt this one soon.                 Detail is being sculpted now. 

New Prop design in production for possible release.

The Counts Crypt has been busy designing a line of cemetary statuary and tombstone products for the upcoming Midwest Haunters Convention.  It is a line of light weight, durable and easy to move pedestal statuary, tombstone statuary and mourner statuary props for the cemetary.  Great for Pro and Home haunters.  Facade accent pieces are also being doorways, skull features and gargoyles of different add to existing facades.  More details coming soon!

2011 Carnival of Carnage video  Click on link to go directly to youtube video.  It is a highlight video of most important props and general walk thru.  We are proud.  We hope you see our effort..  Our daughter ended up in the hospitalthru most of Oct. so we were limited in time so we hope you enjoy.

Welcome to the crypt! ( back story)

     The nightmare began generations ago, in a far away land.  Count Harry Scary ( a Lord of the House of Dracul) left his castle atop the Carpaithean Mountains to search for a country he could call his own.  Along with a immortal witch named Sagella, He traveled to many distant lands hoping to find the perfect place to settle.  The two made it to the new land of the Americas where they settled in a small area in Ohio now known as Pataskala.  With her magic, Sagella built a fortress like castle filled with magical creatures as well as the undead. Count Harry Scary was feared like a God by the Areas Native Americans. The Count loved his Indian neighbors, Infact; He found them very nutritious! As food sources began to disappeare, Sagella conjoured a evil demon named Baltazar to help with the deadly hunting.  He was a horrible looking demon that brought screams of terror to all who saw him.  Baltazar thought it was his looks that scared people to death( not the fact he would rip the heart out of all who saw him!) so he painted his face as a clown to hide his dead face under his make up.

     After Pataskala was settled by the England colonies, The villagers destroyed the castle and left the Count for dead in the Cryp that was below the castle.  He and his followers were not heard of again......untill.................

     in 1976, during excavation for a new homes garage, The crypt was unearthed and opened for the first time in centuries.  Horrible things began once again.  The garage was built on top of the crypt in hopes to stop the killings.  Despite the effort.......the terror continues..........


     The Counts Crypt is a large home haunt with a pro attitude featuring a grave yard and enclosed crypt full of pro quality animatronics and special effects that will scare any age group.  The crypt is completely enclosed with many rooms and hallways to keep you on you toes.  Although we love to scare people, we do offer a lighted tour for our younger guests.  We walk them through the crypt and show them how the props work and give the actors a break.  The youngsters seem to really enjoy their behind the scenes guided tour.


Admission is free....donations are always welcome.



               Proud members of  Home Haunters Association


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