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Over the years, many guests have visited our haunted attraction and asked us to rate and review area and national haunts because of our usual family atmosphere here at the crypt.  Understand that any review is the opinion of the writer of said review and not meant to be harmful to any attraction, place or or dead.  We will always list the good with the bad.  We, However: like to be scared so if we rate something as scary....believe it is SCARY!.  We want our families to know what is kid friendly or not.  So trust what we have to say....sit back....and enjoy our research!

The ScareAtorium, Columbus Ohio 2015

The ScareAtorium  is located in the Northland Plaza Shopping Center.  This has been the pro home of The Counts Crypt Home Haunt for the past 3 years.  Harry Siebert is Tech Director and Prop Manager, Hanna Siebert is a Paid MUA and Katie Siebert is featured on this years T SHirt. Colton and Tammy act during their days available.   We feature :

THE Northland Asylum, A replication of the original Asylum that was on the property that was destroyed in the 1950s.  During their time of operation, Dr Collins preformed hideous experiments on the mentally Ill. Our version of the Asylum features a pitch black dark maze, New bathroom and shower scenes designed by Harry Siebert, a childrens ward with crazy children, and a end that will have you guessing whats real or not.  This is a very scary attraction with startle scares, animatronics and some of the best actors in the business. it takes about 30 minutes to walk thru the Asylum.

RIPS Funhouse in 3D is a terrifying walk thru one of the best blacklight attractions in the business.  We feature 3D clown and props that reach deep into your soul.  This attraction features over 30 cowns in 3D make up, Pop up Jack n the Box's, moving floors and many stateling scares throughout the attraction.  You wear Chromadepth 3D glasses throughout the attraction.

These next 2 attractions are additionaly priced this year at $5.00 a person

RIPS Box Car Escape room.  Our escape rooms have a different twist.  You only have3 minutes to escape RIPS wrath.  Find the clues while the ceiling lowers and scares happen all around you.


CUTTHROAT CABIN,  The plot thickens as a deranged clown guides you through your escape from this dilapitated, old cabin.

both escape rooms have real prizes for those who complete the challange in time provided by our sponsers, Columbus Bowling Palace, and Whitecastles


there is a freak show misway for your photo ops and viewing pleasures at no additional cost

Midwest Haunters Convention 2015

2015 MHC took us to several amazing haunts in the Cleveland Ohio Area. 

Ghostly Manor, Sandusky Ohio. -  This is a Haunt that is open all year round. They open up several large out buildings for Halloween season.  All attractions were open and AMAZING.  However, I will focus on the main building.  This is 1st and foremost a family fun center, complete with skating rink, Blacklight Mini Golf (wizard themed), an amazing 4d motion ride,  and most of all, Ghostly Manor Haunted Attraction.  This is a self guided tour thru a haunted manor complete with the industries top animatronics and one actor who runs the entire attraction.  Details were stellar and although 1 actor runs the whole haunt, they do a great job at keeping it live feeling. the Halloween season brings in a BioHazard Zombie haunt, A Vampire Haunt, and a 3d Blacklight attraction.  A must see anytime of the year but if you can mke it up for Halloween you get the bonus of 5 Major Haunted Attractin.

Hauntville Haunted Attraction, Northern Ohio. - This attraction is located in a old strip mall.  The entrance was very detailed and removed any feeling of being in a mall.  There were 4 separate attractions that included  A Haunted Manor house, A Zombie Outbreak,  A Paint Ball Zombie Live Shooting Gallery,  and a Back Woods Hill Billy Haunt.   All these attractions were very detailed and the acting staff was very trained at getting the customer to scream!  It was A  Great time here and this reviewer had a great time.  These aren't short attractions.  Give yourself at least 2 hours to get through it. 

 The Spookie Ranch, Northern Ohio, - Owned by the same group that owned Hauntville, This is a multi attraction Haunt that includes my 1st Haunted Hayride since I was a kid!   The 1st Attraction is a Nationally Licensed attraction called "Bloody Marys Revenge.".  This attraction had an amazing attic scene that truly made me feel upstairs.  It had roofing above our heads that were slanted like a real attic.  For the most part, this would be a "manor" style haunt, meaning its a house.  It was designed in Hollywood and details were amazing.  The great acting only made it that much more amazing.  I really am a detail freak and this one did it for me!  This is a must see attraction!  The second attraction was a funhouse.  Nothing groundbreaking here, but they did use the space to show off a bad ass new actor driven puppet prop they had jus got off the truck 2 days prior to our arriving there.  very cool prop.  Next, we loaded a large haywagon being pulled by a large farm tractor and set off towards the dark woods.  There are several scenes where we came to complete stops to watch masterful skits and very detailed scenes that sprayed Hanna and I in the face with water.  The last scene went inside a large barn.  The doors closed when we stopped inside.  This scene was amazing, using one of the biggest actor driven props i have ever seen and included the best acting of the day!  A great end to a great tour!

Friday Night tyour of Dead Acres/ Haunted Hoochie, Pataskala Ohio.- The Hoochie is the countries most extreme haunted attraction.  As always they emerse you in your worst nightmares.  They will cuss you out, touch you,grab yo and even throw you around the very detailed scenes.  I didnt notice much new here this year but that never upsets me.  Its the Hoochie!  Again...not fr the weak minded or faint at heart.  NO KIDS PLEASE!  Dont traumatize your children.  They dont let up for anyone!  Blood and gore is the make up style.  Swearing and touching is the acting style.  It is a great haunt full of top dollar animatronics and great actors.  If you can handle it........

Phobious Haunted House - Wright City Missouri

At the 2015 Transworld Halloween and Attractions show, our group had a chance to visit Phobious Haunted House.  We were invited to a limited event that wasn't open the entire convention and gave us a chance to blow some steam.  We ( our fearless leaders Kelly and Neena Collins, Mark Newland, our new friend Allan Wobser from the Haunted Hydro, and myself Harry Siebert) started our haunt adventure at a small out building with a large parking lot.  we bought t-shirts and arm bands and hit the cue line.  We waited for about 15 minutes (while being entertained by Allen Hopps Carl character) when 3 older school buses pulled up.  The main Haunt was at a different location.  Our ride took about 5 minutes, where we sat in total darkness ( buses windows were blacked out and a large black curtain blocked any view out the front of the bus) and we were brought up to steam on the haunts back story and characters we would meet in the haunt.  The bus was very entertaining and a great way to handle the lack of any real parking at the large building.  We unloaded into the First group waiting area where we met a master of ceremonies who put on a great pre show that set a great mood.  From there the group traveled through a curtain maze craze attraction maze and into the main cue line area.  Here we met our bio mechanical main character.  There was minimal interaction with the main character but there were a couple other cue line entertainers that picked up the slack well.  We entered the haunt through a façade that duplicated a old farm house.  As a off season tour the staff was small but that gave me time to take in all the great detail.  This was coming out of their first year as a haunt.  I couldn't tell it from the detailed sets and scenes.  Some areas where a bit too dark for me.  One scene had a butcher character in a $700 silicone mask that was so dark I couldn't even make out the mask.  If you put money into details then show them off with some light please!  It was a great haunt with many scenes and camera ready sets that took us about 20 minutes to walk through.  The last scene was the most uncomfortable scene I have ever been in.  We walked out of totally dark hallway into a lit room that was filled with fog.  We couldn't even see our hand in front of our faces it was so thick and the exit was hid for about 2 minutes causing the room to get very crowded and uncomfortable before the rooms door was opened.   All in all it was a great time.  If you are ever in the Area it is worth a visit.  It was awfully close to Furgusen Missouri though. lmao! 

Dead acres and the Haunted Hoochie 2014

For 2014, the Hoochie has chosen an apocalyptic theme.  I only really saw this in one scene on the first night Dead Acres opened its gates for the 2014 season.  Now labled as the worlds most extreme haunt, The Hoochie gives the people just what they want from Dead Acres.  its non stop touching, grabbing, and even choking.  But if you want to feel like the star of a SAW movie, this is your place.  There are a lot of expensive top of the line animatronics and props to keep your eyes busy when your not avoiding the actors grabbing at you all the time.  I always love me the hootchie!  it is a great haunt that is in no way meant for children  under 14.  They do what they do well for sure!             If you like gore, foul language and satanic images then you will love the Haunted Hoochie and Bad tripp 3d attraction.  ***** 5 stars

ScareAtoriun  2014

We have pulled out most of the stops this season with even more fear in the Northland Asylum and RIP Stinkers 3D funhouse and dead clown hall of fame.  We spent the summer detailing every scene and adding new ways to scare the living crud right out of you.  The Nortland Asylum is ripped out of a page from the 1930s.  All the scenes, costuming, and make up is designed to make you feel as if you went back in time, to the time of Dr Collins and his horrific asylum.  New props and animatronics have been added throughout the Asylum making it a new experience in 2014.   Not to be out done....the funhouse has redone most scenes upping the 3D artwork as well as adding many new props and animatronics.  If you can believe it, we even added more clowns.  everyone loves a clown, right?  All this fun all inside one location, inside where it is warm and dry.  You have too see this one. ***** 5 stars

Midwest Haunters Convention 2014 Haunt Tour

This past years convention gave Hanna and Harry a great opportunity to visit several amazing haunted attractions in the Canton/Cleveland area.  Some where open complete with working actors....some were just open to walk thru and gaze at the awesomeness,  


Haunted School and Haunted Laboratory 

We first stopped at the Haunted Schoolhouse and Haunted laboratory in Canton.  Here are 2  individual buildings with multiple floors.  We were able to walk through both buildings with a guide that showed us all the scenes and the  ins and outs of these 2 huge attractions.  Even without actors there were  scares to still be had including an entire room that tilted and the biggest operating Tesla coil i have ever seen.  A must see attraction if you are in the area.


The Factory of Terror! 

Our next stop in Canton was at the Factory of Terror.  This Haunts is one bad mamba-jammba!  There are 4 Attractions housed in a old GM manifold stamping factory.  In fact, some of the factory machines are still working as props in scenes.  This is now listed as the Guiness Book of World Records as the longest haunt at just under 5000 feet.  That adds up tp over 1 hour of the most detailed and terrifying scenes and actors in the industry.  This attraction was totally up and running to perfection.  There is a great balance of amazing animatronic props and actors in every scene leaving you wondering of it would ever end.  The factory is creepy as hell without the attractions.  That sets a great mood before you even go inside.  FOT is a CC favorite.  Highly recommended but leave the kiddies at home.       ***** 5 stars 


Bloodview Manor featuring the Legion of Terror acting troupe. 

Our last stop for the night was at Bloodview Manor near Cleveland.  This is a great charity haunt that has been around forever.  They feature the Legion of terror actors group.  There were great scares and in your face acting that would rate them close to extreme.  Not for the Kiddies but i loved it.  plus we got to meet House from SCYFI channels Face Off.  This was a great stop and a  must for any extreme haunt lover.      




ScareAtoriums new digs, new haunts, and a reborn asylum!     2013

As you know from our front page, The Counts Crypt worked at ScareAtorium.  Kelly and Neena Collins run a top notch haunted attraction.  2 haunts under one roof inside a 40,000 sqft store front in the Northland Plaza Shopping Center.  Even the cue line is inside which made those cold, wet nights comfy for our patrons.  The original Northland Asylum stood on the same property over 100 years ago.  It was not a great place to be.  The Dr experimented with treatments that bordered on abuse.  It was demolished in the late 1930s.  It is reported that the location is haunted itself.  What a awesome vibe for a haunted attraction.  The first and larger attraction is a tribute to the Northland Asylum featuring body cavity searches from Nurse Enya Butts, a children's ward and all the crazies you could ever need.  The asylum was pretty intense at times.  Details were great with a lot of room to continue designing after the season.  You got your moneys worth here!  My personal Favorite was the 2nd slightly shorter attraction called RIP Stinkers Funhouse.  Tammy, Harry, and Mark spent the season feeding off peoples fears of clowns.  RIPs is a 3D, blacklight attraction that is full of deranged killer clowns whose only purpose in death is to scare the hell out of anyone who walks their halls.  It featured a Dead Clown Hall of Fame, live Jack in the Box's, moving floors, and about 30 live clowns.  This attraction works on so many levels.  The detail of the 3D artwork is the best I have seen and really pops at you when you wear the special 3D glasses.  Even the clowns make up was designed to pop out at you in 3D.  Both Haunts took make up to a very new high.  Some being so realistic you would think it was real.  That's the point, Right?!?  Realism is what you get from both attractions.  I Highly recommend ScareAtorium as a Family attraction.  It might be a bit much for young kids so use your parental judgment as you know what your children can handle.  Just know some scenes are scary and intense.  I walked the Haunt on my night off and loved it.  You can count on the Crypt crew being a part of this awesome Haunt as long as Kelly and Neena will have us.  ***** 5 out of 5 stars here.  Columbus's best haunt 

Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie & Bad Tripp 2 2013 season

During a night off from ScareAtorium I had to see what was up at my home town favorite.  We arrived before doors opened and found ourselves at the very end of a very long cue line.  There were 2 or 3 actors keeping the long line entertained.  Once doors opened it took about 1 hour to get thru the line.  I was surprised how fast we moved considering the place was packed.  We were crammed into the 1st scene of the haunt with a group of 30 people.  We missed most of the 1st scene and had to really stretch to even see what was up.  We were so far in the back of our massive group that we missed all most every skit/show scene and most animatronics were in reset mode.  We were able to break free of our large group at the last skit and got to enjoy the last 10 minutes. Once in Bad Tripp 2 we were in a small group and were able to enjoy most of that spectacular 3D attraction.  I was really disappointed in the Hoochie this year.  They had actors standing in halls whose soul purpose was to hold their hand out so I would brush against their hand.  This year it seemed every actor felt they had to touch me.  That got old quick!  I felt I got very little for my money as we missed so much being in such a large group.  Actors for the most part were scary as usual I just didn't like the "touch everybody" protocol they used this year.  Details are still awesome if you get to see them.  In speaking with one of the owners in front of Bad tripp, we were told they have been seeing 4000 people a night.  I counted over 500 in the cue line when we were at the back of it and it was full when we got out of the haunt.  I understand its hard to move those numbers but their scenes weren't designed to have such large groups.  3 stars out of 5 just because we missed everything.  That could happen to you!  I still love the Hoochie though and always will.

Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie & Bad Tripp2  2012 season

If you know me personally, you know that Haunted Hoochie has always been this writers favorite haunted attraction.  We decided not to open The Counts Crypt this year due to a busy prop building year for us.  This really left me with a empty spot,,,,,A hunger not fed......a thirst not get the idea! We needed to be SCARED!  So.....Friday eve of the first weekend in Nov. Tammy and I ventured out to try and cure my Halloween withdrawls.  It was the last weekend for Dead Acres and despite the cool temps we headed to the end of the VIP line around 9 pm.  As always a very menacing facade peered back at us as we rushed thru the cue line.  I was a little disappointed there were no cue line actors at all.  Maybe because Halloween was over and it was the last weekend so they cut back outside.  Not so for the inside.  It was a balls out, no holds barred, in your face experience from the time we stopped for the first acting set....until we wallked out that last door.  You know i have done work at ScareFactory and detail and animatronics are the way to my black heart.  My heart was pleased by the numerous animatronic props that were perfectly placed and did their jobs like champs.  These things are not cheap and it is like a animatronic showroom in there.  The actors were very...very......VERY good at their jobs.  They are very much in my happy place and had no problem grabbing Tammy and I.  They really honed in on Tammy as i cant blame them.  She was funny but made it out intact. lol.  Details in the sets made it possible to imagine yourself in every scene they set. Thats hard to do.  They master this.  Costumes were top notch and really added to the darkness of the character presented.  I was here last ( see article below ) during the MWH convention in June, 3 years ago. They have made a ton of changes.  I did miss the demon birth scene but it wasnt missed bad enough to make a difference.  They really do send you on a walk thru hell.  I love this place.  I cant get enough of the place.  I consider it to be the most extrmeme haunt in the country, setting the bar very high for the others out there.  This Haunt builder is down on my knees to honor all that is the Haunted Hoochie.  Not much changed with Bad Tripp2.  It was a fun 3d blacklight attraction that again was totally full of detail.  The paint work was awesome and the animatronics used fit the carnival theme perfectley. I found it to be a nice TRIPP.  To sum this review up.  This place is awesome!!!!!  If you have your choice of only one haunted attraction to visit and you dont have a problem having the living shat scared out of you......The Haunted Hootchie is yours to be had.  If you have young kids or are just starting your journey into the haunted attraction world......its not for you,  even the Haunted Hootchie posts "if you have to ask if it is suitable for your children.......its not".  There are alot of great attractions in Ohio and all of us support each other in what we are doing.  The owners were very gracious and thankful we were there.  It is a 5 star kick in the groin in your face haunted attraction.  Do it if you can.  Do another great central ohio haunt if you cant.  I will always take a weekend off to visit my dream haunt.....The Haunted Hoochie and Bad Tripp2 at Dead Acres.  Tammy just reminded me..... i got soaked twice by god only knows what.  So be ready for flying fluids. lol.

Harry Siebert

Owner of The Counts Crypt      11-02-2012

Scare-a-torium,  Dublin Ohio

During the 2012 Midwest Haunters We had a chance to visit a local favorite.  Scare-a-torium is located in a strip mall in what looks to be a vacated grocery store.  A HUGE space to work with and the folks at Scare-a-torium use it all well for 2 themed attractions.  The first is a typical haunt theme featuring everything from assylums, prison cells, cemetary, funeral home, etc... The second attraction is a circus/carnival theme.  They report near 60 different very detailed scenes and at least a couple bus loads of actors.  The acting crew practice and train all year long and you can certainly see the proof in the show.  I thought it was an amazing use of space and attention was paid to every detail.  From the front facade to the gift shop area, everything was that of a top notch haunted attraction.  My only complaint would be that the ambient light throughout the intire attraction was just a bit bright for my liking. That only allowed me to see the detail in every scene.  There were even smells that fit the scenes.  Way cool!  The actors are well rehersed and very much in your happy space making for a very creepy, uncomfortable feeling through out the attractions.  It is very actor driven with very few animatronics that i noticed....and beleive me...i was looking for them. lol.  Actors even keep you on your toes in the cue line with scares and laughes alike.  I think i heard it was 50,000 sq feet of space and the walk was a very long one.  You will get your moneys worth here.  I didnt notice any foul language used by actors so younger guests will enjoy that.  There wasnt a lot of excessive gore as well.  Our group of 3 walked through at a steady pace through both attractions and probably spent about 40 mins emersed in our darkest fears.  We had a great time and i expect most people will.  Once again......Detail was awesome, just not dark enough for my fears i guess.  I give it 5 stars out of 5 and recomend it for everyone.  It could be a bit scary for youngsters but then.....isn't it supposed to be? ( evil laugh)

The Mysterious Manson in Gatlinburg TN>

The Counts Crypt family visited several Haunt locations on our 2012 spring break trip to Gatlinburg TN.  One of the highlights of our visit was Gatlinburgs Mysterious Mansion.  Let me first tell you that there is nothing mysterious here...this is a full action, in your face, Haunted Attraction.  We visited in the early afternoon.  We were greeted, tickets were bought, and rules were told to us.  Before we knew it, we were heading into the first room to visit the animatronic greeter and find the secret passage into the haunt.  Im not one to spill my guts about all the scenes in the haunt.  We found the level of detail to rival those of the best haunts in the industry.  Despite running the entire haunt with one actor, MM balances animatronic scares with actor scares equally.  Our particular actor was a spider monkey who must have been a parcore enthusiast that was relentless,  especially with the kids.  He took advantage of the fact we were haunters and really scared the heck out of even me.    Again.  details...details... details......  When its dark...its pitch black. It was pretty easy to get around from room to room.  The theme is a haunted house.  Just that simple.  From the foyer, to the kitchen and through the dungeons, you are immersed in your own story as you live the nightmare of being trapped in a Haunted Mansion.  Everyone we met were so friendly and really seem to have a passion for what they do.  The Manager Chuck informed us of a major overhall 2 years ago after a basement flood, and they continue to update every day.  I loved this Haunt.  Kids.......over 8 should be ok.  There are emergency exits all over the place and usually show up during lit, non scary moments so young ones can evacuate in peace. We know this because we lost one half way   I love the fact that the Mysterious Mansion is a real Mansion complete with steps and balcony overlooks.  It looks like it fell right out of the Adams Family movie.  No Fake looking facade here.  I sound like im gushing but this place impressed the heck out of me while delivering me my first WTF scare in a long time. The staff told us during the Halloween season they really pack in the actor scares with a much larger acting group and even extra rooms not seen during off seasons..   It is located at 424 River RD, off the main road in Gatlinburg TN.                            Check this out!  ***** out of 5

Ripley's Haunted Adventure

This haunt is run by the Riply's Believe it or Not Company.  They have attractions in 16 countries. We visited the Ripleys Haunted Adventure in Gatlinbutg TN on our spring break trip 2012.  It is located in what looks like a busy strip mall type environment on the main road in Gatlinburg just before the Smokies National Park.  The story goes...... The Grimm Bros Casket Company was housed deep in a mountain cave.  Some disaster closed the casket company and rumors of monsters still haunt the caves.  The facade feels good, like a older factory with a casket lift that carries you up to the actual entrance.  Out front you are greeted by half an actor whose sole purpose is to bug the heck out of you like one of those dunk booth clowns.  The effect is pulled off great as he is half skeleton and half person standing in a half coffin.  He does a good job of stirring up business.  With a handful of  actors they pull off a good haunt.  Detail is supreme  as supported by a big corporation.  The attraction is loosley themed throughout.  I guess you are in a cave even before being told you were heading into the slime beasts cave. I have been here two other times....the last time was spring break 2 years ago. We were told they did some renovations.  Most were great but all of us were very disappointed by the elevator scare at the end.  They changed it to a not so scary scene.  BOOO BOOO.  All in all a really fun time.  They have one of the longest Claustraphobia and tunnel of doom props i have ever walked through.  It was worth the stop and a pretty scary time had by all.  We had no emergency exits by anyone in this haunt. We did get a little wet so if you dont mind a splash of water whizzing by should be ok.      kids 6 and up.               **** out of 5 stars.

Dead Acres and the Haunted Hoochie

I don't often get to go through our area haunts being busy with my own haunt.  In 2010, During the Midwest Haunters Convention, Dead Acres opened its gates for all who could attend.  It was manned by a full, rehearsed cast in early June.  I talk a lot about detail, because this haunt sets the bar very high.  There is not 1 inch of scene that isn't aged, distressed, and completely pertainent to the scene.  They spend great time and expense on the industry best animatronics and scene builders.  The acting crew is huge with upwards of 70 people working at one time.  This adds up to a 45 min walk, through the most extreme and in your face, scare you to death environment.  Most extreme scenes include a spine being ripped out of someone, a realistic amazing suicide scene and the super bloody demon birth.  This is not for the weak and timid.  Foul language and gruesome visuals assult you from every direction.  It earns the designation as one of the most extreme haunts in the country. I loved it.  It scared me from the time i walked in the door until i pulled out of the driveway on my way home.  Haunted Hoochie has a second attraction called Bad Tripp.  It is a large 3D blacklight attraction with tons of 3D animatronics and a numerous amount of actors all dressed like clowns on acid.  It is fast paced and really fun.  You can pay extra for VIP access that skips the lines that sometime last as late as 4am.  This is not for children.  18 and up is the way they state age requirments but anyone can come in with a parent and the understanding that there isnt toning down for any thing or anyone.  The actors even get by with touching some guests and a warning of this possibility is posted throughout the cue line.  Cue line entertainment is both scary and funny.  Video from inside haunt is projected on a big screen and most nights welcomes bands and body piercing/freak shows.         This place is amazing!    ***** out of 5 stars  more like a 7

Hauntings in Gatlinburg

Hauntings is a different type of haunted attraction.  This is a automated theatrical event.  No Actors at all.  Someone gathered a large collection of haunted items and are displayed here.  As you sit on a theater bench seat you are told about the haunted items by our ghost host, who appears as a apparition in a haunted mirror.  The concept is great and really the effects were good too.  Things show themselves to you in all sorts of unexpected places and actually has great startle with many of the props.  The show ran about 8 minutes long and packed in plenty of scares with a crazy seance gone wrong that gets your seat moving.  Our youngest child tolerated this well despite his opposition to going in in the first place.  He now said it was a fun time.  He is 8 and is just coming around to my evil  A great 1st time attraction for young and old alike.    A must see.                 *** 1/4 out of 5 stars


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