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Harry Siebert- Owner, Head of Tech & Design

     Harry started his love for all things scary as a young boy visiting the State Fairs Dark Rides with his Grandfather.  From the age of 5 he knew that he was born to scare people out of their witts.  Harry started out making a haunted porch that turned into the large home haunt today known as " The Counts Crypt ".  It is his dream to eventually obtain warehouse space and go commercial with the haunt.   Through his company, Harry Scarys, Harry has already made "crypt" available as a mobile Haunt for private parties and festivals. 2011, after a 3rd hip surgery, will mark the counts 7th year and our 1st theme outside of the original back story.


John Siebert- Co-Owner, Head of Engin"eeri"ng

    John has always been willing to help his son Harry see his haunted dreams come alive by designing some of the most ingenious designs for animatronics and automation designs.  His tech skills are a amazing asset to Harry Scarys.  Any thing that moves, jumps, turns on and off, or bleeds, has had Johns hands on it. Harrys relationship with his father is both parental and that of a best friend.  This shows in the ability the 2 have to work on very complicated designs and not try to kill each other! lol! As you continue down the list of people, you will see that Harry Scarys is very much a Family.

Brenden Siebert- Co-Owner and the Head of the Actor Dept.

     Brenden may be short in years but he is tall in experience.  The 2011 season rings in Brendens 17th Birthday on Oct 7th.  He has had many years of training and experience scaring the bejeepers out of people.  His tecnical ideas, acting skills, and special effect make up applications are top notch.  being the son of Harry, puts him as next in line to sit on the throne of Harry Scarys. ( no time soon i might add ) He is always eager to learn new techniques and that shows in his ability to train new actors that enter the group.  His pro experience includes playing a main acting role at the Pataskala Haunted Forest.  We are very proud of Brendens accomplishments and look forward to seeing even more from Brenden .2011 will be his 7th season acting.

Mary Siebert- Head of the support team

    Mary is Johns wife, Harrys Mother, and Brenden, Hanna, and Katies Grandmother.  With out her, tools would remain missing, the crew would starve or die of thirst, and attitudes would suck! LOL! We thank her for the kick in the butt and the encouraging words when needed!

Tammy- Room Design/ decor & Actress

Tammy is heading into her 4th season with the crypt. 2011 will place her in a leading role.  The advises on design points and room decoration is awesome.  She is a Vamp at heart, so she is a great fit to the team

Katie Siebert - Tech support & Actress

The 2011 season is Katies 3rd as a primary actress.  Her size and ability to just be plain spooky makes her scenes come to life.  we expect a great 2011 season.

Hanna  Siebert- Tech Support & Actor

    Hanna Will be celebrating her 3rd year as a primary actress for the 2011 season.  Hanna is known as our goth girl and easily scares the heck out of anyone.  We look forward to many great things in 2011!


Colton Jessing- Support and Actor

 2011 will be Coltons 3rd season as Actor in Training.  We test our props on Some day we hope he will actually walk thru the Haunt in the dark.

William Scwartz - Actor

Will started is acting career with the Crypt in the 2009 season.  His looming glares and ability to scare make him a great asset to our team of actors.  We look forward to more great seasons to come.


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